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Hey, I'm Laura Kate
I know that we all want to be happy and fulfilled, living our best lives. We want to feel energized, connected and like we've got it all together.

What I've figured out it is that to live Your Stellar Life, you have to clear out the limiting beliefs lurking beneath the surface in the subconscious mind.

You need to listen to your body and commit to self-care. It doesn't hurt to feel connected to some higher energy or spiritual light.

That may sound like a life-long journey worth of work? It is and it isn't.

Let me help you get started by clearing up some of those out-dated, sabotaging beliefs you've acquired along this beautiful life you're living.

Things that may be holding you back: physical pain, addictions, fears, relationship issues, abundance blocks, imposter syndrome and hormonal imbalances.

I've blocked off some time to chat with you about anything you feel is blocking you at the moment. Put yourself on my calendar below, for a free chat with me.
Client results

  • "During our sessions she has helped me curb my binge eating and I have already lost more than 30 pounds. She has also helped me deal with some stressful medical situations so that I could handle the procedures without the aid of any anxiety medication."


  • "Laura is an amazing body worker who works on so many levels for true healing. She is a grounded person with a great personality who makes you feel comfortable and cared for."

    Terry D.

  • "Not only is her voice soothing and wonderful but after just one session with her she has helped me find more confidence and more peace in my life when it comes to public speaking. I can more easily talk and find my thoughts."


  • "Laura suggested I try her hypnotherapy and so I did, her hypnotherapy has helped me immensely. I have lost about 20 pounds already! Thank you, Laura!"

    Jenn S.

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Let's Stay In Touch!
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