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It is nothing like that. For most people it feels like you are completely relaxed. You are able to respond to questions and remember what you’ve said. It’s an interactive process and you never do or say anything that you wouldn’t want to say. For some people, they can go very deep and feel like they are asleep. These are the people that the stage hypnotists select because they are highly suggestible. When this happens, I ask the client to come up to a level where we can work and talk. Your subconscious mind’s main job is to protect you. You can never be told or suggested to do something that you wouldn’t want to do.

Some people feel like “it’s not working” if they aren’t “out of it”. That is a myth. It is about relaxing the conscious mind and accessing the subconscious mind. The sessions are powerfully transformative even if the client is in a light trance. The depth of trance doesn’t really matter.

RTT is Rapid Transformational Therapy and it was created by my mentor, Marisa Peer. Over the years working with clients, she combined different therapeutic modalities into her hypnotherapy sessions to effect great, transformative results. RTT combines NLP, parts therapy, Gestalt and inner child work with hypnosis. RTT is a refined, powerful form of hypnotherapy.

This varies from person to person and issue to issue. We would first have a call and see if we are a good fit. From that call, I will recommend 1-3 sessions to start. This can always be adapted. For weight issues, I am putting together a group program for 2023 to address weight and perimenopausal symptoms, so stay tuned. You can access a free guided meditation for your perfect belly here.

Some clients find that once one issue is resolved, they have something else that they want to work on. I also offer packages that include coaching to integrate and implement the changes. This is really about living your stellar life.

After our initial call and the number of sessions is decided upon, we schedule a zoom session. For the zoom call, you will want to have a quiet, uninterrupted time set aside. The sessions last between 90 minutes - 2 hours. You will receive a recorded transformation to listen to it for the following 21 days. We will have scheduled check-ins over that three-week process. Possibly coaching calls as well. You will listen to the recorded transformation everyday, coding in the changes and creating new beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

It’s a very safe, simple process that works for everybody. It’s a natural state that we experience throughout the day. We are in this state naturally throughout the day. That feeling when you are on autopilot and don’t remember all of your drive home…that is a type of hypnotic trance we call highway hypnosis.

However, people who experience seizures or have been diagnosed bi-polar or schizophrenic aren’t candidates for this type of therapy. There are issues that are also outside of my scope of practice and where possible, I will provide you with a referral to someone else.

Change happens differently for everyone. Some experience that instant aha, that light bulb goes off and change can be instant. For others it is gradual and incremental. Getting that extra coaching and support to implement the shifts is helpful for this type of change. Then there are those people who only notice the change when looking back. It’s like the transformation sneaks up on them. This happened for me with a session I had for my menopause symptoms. After the RTT session I didn’t feel much. I was still having hot flashes and night sweats. And then about a month later I realized that they had stopped completely…about two weeks before. I only realized afterwards. This is a retroactive change.

A. Weight Issues
B. Fears/Phobias
C. Fertility/Sexual Issues
D. Habits (nail biting, etc)
E. Addictions (smoking, alcohol, etc)
F. Confidence/Public Speaking/Imposter Syndrome
G. Sports Performance
H. Exam Taking
I. Physical Pain
J. Auto-immune/Hormonal Imbalances
K. Preparation and Recovery for surgery
L. And the list goes on…

Let's Stay In Touch!
Let's Stay In Touch!
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