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Rapid Transformational Therapy
We help you transform your life by getting to the root cause of the issue and eliminating any blocks and obstacles.
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What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?
RTT is a powerful form of Hypnotherapy
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 Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a unique and powerful form of hypnotherapy grounded in neuroscience and psychology.

It is best known for being able to bring about long-lasting change in relatively short periods of time.

The basis of RTT is transformative hypnotherapy, which uses language and psychological techniques to help the individual initiate change both mentally and behaviorally. 
  • RTT combines hypnotherapy, NLP techniques, parts therapy, inner child work, reframing techniques, and more.
  • RTT can be highly effective for treating issues such as addictions, pain relief, weight loss, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, phobias, and many others.

The Benefits of RTT/ Hypnotherapy

 When you do RTT, you’re not only releasing limiting beliefs and old habits of thinking in the moment, but you’re also training your nervous system to respond differently to stressors in the future. Over time, listening to the audio recordings, you can rewire your brain for more calm and less reactivity.

That means you can move through life’s ups and downs with more joy and less stress no matter what’s happening around you. You can be the best version of yourself – confident, joyful, and resilient.

RTT sessions can help you:

  • Heal past pain & trauma
  • Improve your sleep quality
  • Release habits and addictions
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Increase attention, memory & performance
  • Quiet your mind to reveal peace and clarity

      Ready to start exploring these benefits with me?

Changing lives,
one mind at a time.
Client results:

  • "During our sessions she has helped me curb my binge eating and I have already lost more than 30 pounds. She has also helped me deal with some stressful medical situations so that I could handle the procedures without the aid of any anxiety medication."


  • “You connected so many dots. Guess what? My shoulder doesn't hurt. My jaw doesn't feel tight… On and on I could go. You have a true talent for this work. "

    Kim A.

  • "Not only is her voice soothing and wonderful but after just one session with her she has helped me find more confidence and more peace in my life when it comes to public speaking. I can more easily talk and find my thoughts."


  • "Laura suggested I try her hypnotherapy and so I did, her hypnotherapy has helped me immensely. I have lost about 20 pounds already! Thank you, Laura!"

    Jenn S.

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Let's Stay In Touch!
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